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Holes in the sky


Holes in the sky

There is a lonesome heart on the highway
Riding to slow to die, but fast enough to bleed

Red lights are passing by and getting by passed
The world is filled with it´s owns worries

Who cares about a transport of a bleeding heart?
The transporter cares,
I care

But the world is to full of sin to care
Money, prestige and sex, the world turns and spins
Sin is full of sorrow and fear

Is there a hole in the sky?
Pierced by the fire?
Holy spirit and fire gives a break to the pain
A band aid to hold the heart for awhile

I cry out through the world, through the hole in the sky
I let my pain leave my heart to give som rest to the world
You suffer too
You need to find a hole to breath, I must guide you
The world need to be able to breath through me

Love from the Holy Spirit is on the move
Holes in the sky
Pierced by the fire

We breath together
We breath together
Trough the hole
Through the world

There are two hearts on the highway
Red lights passing by and getting bypassed